Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mugs and more!

DH is such a sweetie, buying me this lovely sheepy mug while we were out today. He certainly knows what I like. 


We were visiting The Cheap Shop, in Tiptree, Essex, which is NOT cheap (if anyone knows how it got its name please let me know), but is a fantastic little yarn, fabric, haberdashery and art supplies store. Quite an Aladdin's cave.

In the end I didn't buy anything, what with being spoilt for choice and DH's claustrophobia (as I said, it is LITTLE), but will certainly be going back for the Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, and more. I was impressed to see some Texere yarn and inspiration packs nestling away in a corner - when I lived in Yorkshire, the Texere mill was within lunchtime walking distance of where I worked, and another Aladdin's cave, only BIGGER, stocking more fibres and yarns a textile mug like me could ever dream of. Texere, how I miss you, so I've photographed a ball of your to-dye-for Airedale Aran pretending to be the froth in my coffee!

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